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Tax Strategist


  • Serving clients in all 50 states, a year-around  full-service, professional accounting, payroll,  tax, and small business services office. 
  • My consistent track record of high standard ethics inspires confidence and trust for partnership with our clients . My goal is to form long-lasting relationships with my clients.
  • I treat my clients with the utmost respect, courtesy and integrity. 
  • I enjoy helping small businesses save time and money. Partnering with me allows you to spend more time with customers, while I handle the financial side of the business. You can rest assured that you will be a top priority. 
  • As your tax strategist, I will provide you and your business with valuable data and information. More importantly, secure you with the most accurate information possible to help guide your business to greater profitability.
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In our view, educating our clientele is the best way to change the way that they think about their businesses. Sondra’s role as an educator has long led her clients to superior results both in the context of their companies as well as in their personal finance habits. By providing our clients with the knowledge they need to build their financial legacy, our clients are also frequently able to increase their cash flows and cut down on their expenses.


We take pride in our unrivaled client experience, and Sondra sets the standard for everyone else in our firm to follow. We strive to be the very best tax consulting firm for business owners in the US, and it is our mission to help our clients save money every year for as long as they’re in business.